Contest Awards

Product Development

Esino USA Corporation

Esino’s creative and technical expertise can take a client’s project from concept through industrial design and detailed engineering. Esino has a rich history in product development and has brought over 100 products to market.

1st place - $10,000 towards product development services
2nd place - $5,000 towards product development services
3rd place - $2,500 towards product development services
Product development services include but are not limited to product design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, packaging.


Culture Mind Cinema

Albert Lee, Founder of Culture Mind Cinema, is a 2 time Emmy award winning director with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Culture is known for its expertise in sales, communications, camera operation, film production, and art direction.

Complete Branding Package
- Includes complete website and logo design
- Designs and color pallet
Package valued at $50,000

Sales and Marketing


RangeMe is a market leader with direct relationships to many selling partners in the USA. Their partners include some of the largest retailers that use the RangeMe system as their own to search for promising products. Partners include Target, Petco, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, GNC, and many more.

Sales Distribution
- RangeMe sales reps will showcase the winning project to various stores that they partner with
- Winning project will be listed in the RangeMe product platform
Package valued at $25,000

Mueller Direct

Amazon and Shopify Services

Mueller Direct is a leading online retailer selling on Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms. Mueller is highly experienced in setting up online stores, getting reviews, and acquiring traffic.

- Selected winner will be listed on Mueller Direct
- Mueller will build the Shopify and Amazon store sites
Package valued at $25,000

Patent Service

Acoba Law

Ruben Acoba specializes in intellectual property and is a registered patent attorney whom established Acoba Law in 1999. Mr. Acoba has been involved with several complex patents and has been able to have them granted through the appeal process. Being a well sought after pattent attorney in the United States, his services range from $10,000 for a simple patent to $20,000 for a complex patent. Acoba is also specialized in trademarks as well.

- Patent and trademark filings
Package valued at $15,000

Licensing Service

Docie Invention & Patent Marketing

Docie invention & Patent Marketing has been helping inventors for over 30 years. Mr. Docie is one of the most experienced service providers for inventors and patent holders. Mr. Docie has a rich history of successful inventing, championing the rights of independent inventors. He wrote the highly acclaimed book, The Inventor's Bible.

- Licensing Services
Valued at $10,000

Software Development


AccQData specializes in software development with over 100 employees that specialize in making apps. They have a strong record of successful software developments and have made many software programs from full inventory databases and selling systems to simple apps.

- App development
Valued at $10,000

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