Inventors Only Contest Guidelines

About the Contest

Inventors Only is created to help creative and driven individuals or teams bring their product to life. Building a product from scratch is no easy task. The funding, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing behind making a product successful is arguable just as challenging. Inventors Only wishes to provide the help and support needed to bring your product to the next level, whether you need design expertise, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, etc. We have been working with our highly skilled and experienced partners to create a comprehensive prize list that encompasses services that are essential to kickstarting YOUR invention.


The top three winners will receive credit towards any stage of their product development process through Esino USA as well as complimentary service packages from various agencies that specialize in branding, patenting, licensing, sales, marketing, and more. Product development services through Esino USA include but are not limited to product design, prototyping, manufacturing.

*** Esino USA will assess where each winner is in their development cycle and will make it clear what the prize credit will cover. Esino USA's services include product design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and repair services. Some services may cost more that the credit won through the contest. In this scenario, the winner will be sent a quote and can decide if he/she would like to use Esino USA's service on their current stage, or defer their credit to a later, but lest costly stage of their product development cycle. Credit can only be used towards the product that wins the contest.

The combined value of the prize packages offered by Esino USA and partners are valued at over $100,000. Finalists who do not place in the top three prizes may still be selected to win prize packages offered by our partners. Winners of each prize package will be determined by our panel of judges.

Contest Timeline

Applicants may submit their projects between 9:00am PST on Monday, March 15th, 2021 to 5pm PST on Monday, May 31st, 2021. Finalists will be determined and revealed on Friday, June 4th, 2021. Inventors Only will contact each finalist for an interview that will take place between Monday, June 7th to Friday, June 11th. Finalists will pitch their idea and answer any questions related to their invention. Contest winners will be announced on Friday, June 18th.

Winners will be determined by our panel of judges - consisting of team members in the Esino USA product development team. Judges will select the top three winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, who will receive product development credit as listed above. Other finalists are also eligible to win service packages provided by our sponsors (refer to the "PRIZES" page). Winners for each service package will be determined by the judges.

Private Information and Ownership

When you submit your idea and invention to Inventors Only, you will be emailed an NDA to fill out if you wish to keep your information confidential. If you would like us to share your invention on our social media and website for publicity, just leave the NDA box unchecked when you submit your form, and we will contact you before posting anything regarding your product. All ownership of the submitted idea/invention will always belong to the contest applicant(s), even after the contest ends. Inventors Only and Esino USA will assume no ownership of any product or idea submitted.

Private information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties. You will only be receiving emails from Esino USA, the host organization, and Inventors Only, the contest itself. You will only receive calls if information regarding your idea/invention is needed.


Any individual, team, or business with a product, idea, or invention is eligible to participate in the project as long as they are not currently working with Esino USA. Applicants who submit their project will have a choice to allow Inventors Only to showcase their product or keep it private by signing an NDA. Keeping your project private will not affect your chances of winning. Allowing Inventors Only to showcase the project can help garner publicity for the product through Inventors Only online platforms. Projects will be showcased on the Inventors Only website and social media platforms.

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Prizes total $17,500 in product development services through Esino USA as well as complimentary services from renowned agencies including branding, patenting, licensing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and more.

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