Inventors Only

Inventors Only contest was created to help creative and driven individuals or teams bring their product to life. Building a product from scratch is no easy task. The funding, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing behind making the product succeed is arguable just as challenging. Inventors Only wishes to provide the help and support needed to bring your product to the next level, whether you need design expertise, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

How the Winners are selected

We evaluate your products and determine which products or inventions stand out. Selected products become finalists.

All finalists go through an interview to pitch their product or idea and demonstrate how it stands out from the rest

Our judges will determine which inventions will be selected as winners and receive product development prizes and services

Judges will determine which prize packages should be allocated to which winning contestants.

Take your project to the next level

Submit your project for a chance to win!

Prizes total $17,500 in product development services through Esino USA as well as complimentary services from renowned agencies including branding, patenting, licensing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and more.

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