About Esino

Esino USA is dedicated to helping you make your product dreams a reality. Through innovative manufacturing solutions and developing cutting-edge technology, Esino takes your product to the next level. We work very closely with our clients meeting regularly and providing free consultation even after the project is completed. Our goal at Esino is to use product development to make the world a better place for everyone to live. To further this mission of ours, we decided to launch the Inventors Only Contest to give others the opportunity to launch a problem-solving product.

Our Services

The services we specialize in are design, prototyping, tooling, product assembly, project management, and product repair. At Esino, we put our clients first, providing top-tier customer service and treating each project like our own. Our experience is in delivering efficient, cost-effective, and quality results. We pride ourselves on speed to market.

How we take your product to the next level

We elevate your ideas by adding our innovative touch and introducing functions that further enhance your product

Our skills and knowledge helped bring over 100 of our client’s products to market

We are proud to have issued over 50 patents on behalf of our clients

We have over 10 years of experience helping startups develop their products

Take your project to the next level

Submit your project for a chance to win!

Prizes total $17,500 in product development services through Esino USA as well as complimentary services from renowned agencies including branding, patenting, licensing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and more.

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